By Giorgio Panetta, CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Good morning!

Wow, that’s cold! What’s looking like the coldest air of the season is upon us.

Clear skies have allowed for an dangerous dip in temps tonight. The strong winds in the upper atmosphere are driving temps down into the single digits even near the coast.

Some of our lowest wind chills will be well north and west of NYC. Feels-like temperatures will be down to 20 below for some. Today’s high: mid 20s.

(Credit: CBS2)

(Credit: CBS2)

The potential for four days of snow is looking less and less likely. It’s condensing in duration, and the last couple of runs are showing a northern trend for the track. But it is still Friday, and by the end of the day we will have an even better handle on totals.

But preliminarily, it’s looks like 6+ inches north over a few days. I think the city will be more of a mixed bag and mess. South of NYC looks rainy.

(Credit: CBS2)

(Credit: CBS2)

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