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Rick Fox is a good looking man, that much is obvious — I mean just look at those cheek bones — and he stopped by the Allstate Studio Wednesday morning to visit with Boomer and Craig.

Before his NBA career began, Fox played four years for the late Dean Smith and the University of North Carolina, so before the laughter really began Fox spoke about what Smith meant to him and the rivalry between the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils from Duke.

Having won three NBA titles with Phil Jackson, Fox shared his thoughts on the Zen Master and high-paid superstar Carmelo Anthony, whom Fox called “one of the best players we have in the league.”

Fox talked about marrying his pinup crush Vanessa Williams, competing on Dancing with the Stars and his Canadian roots.

Then Fox may or may have not lost some street cred after belting out Neil Diamond’s “Forever In Blue Jeans” with the Dynamic Radio Duo providing backup vocals.

Before saying goodbye Fox of course revealed what he’s benchin’ and then left off Lakers great Magic Johnson from his all-time starting five…



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