NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Knicks owner James Dolan may be hoping that everyone’s focus on \All-Star Weekend will shift attention away from his heated email exchange with a fan.

It started when a fan, Irving Bierman, questioned Dolan’s business acumen and asked him to sell the team.

Dolan did not respond kindly.

As the Daily News reported, Dolan explained his harsh response at a charity event on Friday.

“Here’s what happened. I got sent a bad, hateful email … I get emails all the time, as I am sure you understand, and I generally don’t respond to the bad ones,” Dolan said. “This time it caught me at the wrong moment and I responded — sort of a tit-for-tat with the fan. I know I shouldn’t have done that but I did it anyway.”

Dolan said the nature of Bierman’s email was personal and hateful.

In his response Dolan suggested the fan might be an alcoholic and urged him to root for the Nets.

He added that he would be responding to fans who send “nice emails” even if they are upset about losing, the Daily News reported.

“If you have written me a nice email, encouraging, etc., even if it’s a nice email about being upset about losing, you are actually going to hear back from me,” Dolan said.



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