Funny Man, Still Angry About Split, Says Mets Fans Deserve Acute TV Analyst

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mets superfan Jerry Seinfeld is still down in the dumps over Bobby Ojeda’s departure from SNY. And he’s ready to do something about it.

The legendary comedian said Tuesday on WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton” show that he’d be happy to organize an event to bankroll a reunion between the television home of the Mets and Ojeda, whose compensation was a factor in the split.

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“I can easily pull together a benefit and make this deal happen,” said Seinfeld, who was obviously irked by the news earlier this month on Twitter. “It would be fun. And it would humiliate them.”

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The network announced on Monday that Brooklyn native and former Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa would take Ojeda’s spot as lead pre- and postgame studio analyst. Ojeda, a member of the beloved 1986 championship team, was known for being brutally honest during his six years at SNY.

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Seinfeld said he wouldn’t complain directly to the Mets and SNY because he’s “not that kind of guy.”

“You know me, Boomer,” he said. “I try and be dignified and civilized.”

Before the conversation concluded, Jerry agreed to be a guest on producer Al Dukes’ podcast — aptly named “Al’s Boring Podcast” — and then went back to the benefit idea that he hoped would leave all parties involved happy, including Figueroa.

Should the idea come to fruition, the aforementioned Dukes suggested calling the event “Ojeda We Need Ya.”

“This is so great,” Seinfeld said. “I’m in — and all of my huge celebrity friends.”

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