NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s been a very long winter for many parts of the country, but in addition to being a nuisance, snowstorm after snowstorm could be costing us more than we think.

Personal finance expert Vera Gibbons says the wintry weather can impact a household’s bottom line in lots of ways.

“Every season, there are certain things that we spend money on and this winter season has been particularly long, particularly drab, particularly boring, dark, so we tend to spend more time inside,” she said.

A snow day at home can lead to impulse purchases, racking up charges with just a few quick clicks.

“A lot of us engage in impulse shopping this week as we’re sitting around the couch doing nothing,” Gibbons said. “And it’s particularly easy to do so when you have all of your credit card information stored on some of your favorite sites. It’s become too easy to do so.”

We’re ordering more than just clothes and shoes — the snow can leave us hungry for comfort food and multiple meal deliveries can eat away at a budget. Being snowbound can also mean a New Year’s gym membership goes to waste.

So instead of pigging out and binge-watching your favorite shows all day, consider working out at home and when you’ve cooled down from that workout, try throwing on a sweater.

“If you turn down the thermostat 10 to 15 degrees at night, you’re going to save about 10 percent on your heating bill potentially, every single year,” Gibbons said. “So there are small things that you can do around the home to stay warm and reduce your bills.”

On top of all of that, in major cities like Boston and for the nation’s airlines, more snow means more cold hard cash lost as snow removal expenses and cancelled flights add up.


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