NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Many women say high heels make them look better, but now, some doctors say they can help you feel better too.

High-heels can hurt, but Dr. Alfred Bonati of the Bonati Spine Institute in Tampa Bay prescribes them for women with lover back pain.

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“When I tell them they should use high heels, they look at me like I’m crazy,” he told CBS2’s Weijia Jiang. “The higher the heel, the better, because less impact.”

In New York City, some doctors don’t dispute that claim.

Walking in heels puts you on your tip toes which strengthens your feet over time.

Women hold the knees and back straight which takes pressure off the discs in the vertebrae.

“You are, in some ways, protecting your spine because if you put your heel down first, that impact is directly translated — may be translated up to your leg and spine,” Dr. Mark Weidenbaum explained.

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Anca Niculin said that when she wears flat shoes it hurts to stand, so even her winter boots have a heel for better balance and posture.

“Wearing platforms was much better than flats, which is exactly against what most doctors say. But that’s what helped me,” Niculin said.

Other doctors and shoe specialists say not all shoes are created equally and there’s so much more to think about than the height of a heel.

“Essentially you’re cramming your foot into a shoe and you can understand that causes bunions, let alone the back pain women get,” said Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, Director of Spine Services at NYU Langone Medical Center.

“Every shoe puts pressure at different points. You have to try them on and be fitted,” Harry’s Shoes President, Robert Goldberg said.

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All the physicians CBS2 spoke with agree that the shoe must fit properly for arch support.