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While getting this Wednesday morning radio program started, Craig laid the groundwork to talk some baseball with his big blonde radio soulmate after Curtis Granderson ‘announced his presence with authority’ upon arriving at Mets camp down in Port St. Lucie.

According to the Mets slugger, the Amazin’s are ‘primed and ready’ to take over New York.

Well whether it’s Granderson’s bold declaration or A-Rod’s return from the abyss, Boomer wasn’t much interested in talking about baseball in February, not with the Rangers and Islanders collectively providing us with a historic hockey season — and therein lies the rub.

Boomer has been known to drone on about hockey from time to time on this thing we call the Morning Extravaganza, but Wednesday morning his monologue went on a little too long for Al Dukes’ liking (and he takes his Executive Producer position very seriously). So with the all-important ratings in mind, Al locked horns with the Blonde Bomber in a very entertaining exchange that got heated…


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