NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With the weather warming up lots of people are ready to break out the spring shoes.

As CBS2’s Cindy Hsu explained, when you put away the winter boots there will be plenty of hot new styles hitting the stores.

Fashion expert Dawn DelRusso said the mule tops the list.

“I’m going to start with the mule because this is probably the number one hottest style of the season. It’s kind of making a little bit of a comeback. It was around in the 90s, but now it’s back,” DelRusso said.

The front of a mule is closed, but the back is open.

There will also be lots of floral prints walking around.

“Look for bright colors, so they really make the outfit pop,” DelRusso said.

Pastels are popping and so are nude colored shoes, which can be flattering to the leg.

“When you put a pair of nude pumps on whether they’re closed or open toed even in a simple little flat, like a sandal, it’s going to elongate the leg if you find a color close to your skin tone,” DelRusso explained.

You will also see a lot of fringe in both flats and heels, and sparkly embellishments are in. Now, if you like to walk on the casual side patterned high tops and slip on sneakers are blooming this spring.

If you love high heels beware, physical therapist Karena Wu said it’s a long way down when you fall.

“They’re great and they’re sexy, but they’re really dangerous,” Wu said.

You might be in for knee and back pain as well so look for thicker heels at about 2-3 inches.

“The good thing about this shoe is that there’s a little bit of a wider heel,” Wu explained.

That wider heel gives the foot more support.

“Wedges are great, anything with straps that keeps the shoe on your ankle, that’s great.

The good news is you’ll have plenty of choices as you step into spring.