NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Monday marked the first day of spring break for thousands of suburban schools, but the chilly weather is forcing children to find indoor entertainment on one of the few weeks when they’re actually supposed to get out and play.

As CBS2’s Elise Finch reported from the Mobile Weather Lab, though the temperature is only a few degrees below the average for this time of year, the wind chill is making it feel more like winter.

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Parents and children said it’s putting a damper on their spring break plans.

“It’s really cold actually compared to other years,” said 11-year-old Kate Conroy. “Like, usually it would be getting a little bit warmer by now.”

“I was in my short sleeve T-shirt and then I was like it’s way too cold, I have to put on my jacket,” said Miranda Fritsch, 11.

Even with the right gear, chilly temperatures meant most children at the soccer camp in New Rochelle had to play indoors. Only the oldest kids were able to practice their moves on the field, and only for 30 minutes.

“I was really disappointed because I like playing outside where you can kick and shoot a lot,” said 12-year-old Grace Behr.

“I play goalie and the goals are really small inside, and the goals are bigger outside so it’s more fun,” said 8-year-old Jack Conroy.

Meanwhile, mothers say they’re busy lining up indoor events to entertain their children each afternoon for the rest of the week.

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“We’ll probably be inside baking and getting ready for Easter,” said Christine Fritsch.

“We’ll go see a movie or something inside, maybe, if we’re really ambitious a museum or something,” said Lisa Lindstrom.

“It’s cold, yea. That’s why we came to the movies and then we figured we’d go play mini golf,” said Jen Bourke.

Mom Stephanie Massoud took her little ones to Fun Fusion, and indoor amusement park in New Rock City.

“We actually already went bowling. We’re inside here, we’re talking about ice skating,” she said. “I mean, you gotta pass the time.”

Kids say they’re happy to play indoors, but can’t wait until it’s warm enough to go outside.

“I want to ride my bike,” one kid said.

“I like it to be summer because I like when I get to go out to the beach,” said another.

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For most of the winter, people anxiously counted down to spring. But so far, it’s been a cold, snowy let down.