NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Sandy Alderson is a funny guy. That much we know.

But maybe the Mets general manager chose the wrong targets when he cracked wise about WFAN morning show co-hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, who spent a good portion of Wednesday’s show discussing whether the team’s batting order has been coming from the front office.

After insisting to reporters that manager Terry Collins fills out his own lineup card, Alderson took a swipe at the “Boomer & Carton” show, prompting responses from Carton and colleague Evan Roberts on Twitter:

Carton fired some more rounds on Thursday morning. He said Alderson isn’t exactly on his level, which makes this whole thing pretty uncomfortable.

“I would rather, frankly, have someone who has actually achieved something in his New York sports career take a shot at me and the Booms, even tongue-in-cheek, because that way we’d be playing on the same field: successful people at their chosen craft having fun at the expense of other successful people at their chosen craft,” Carton said.

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The Mets haven’t made the playoffs or hit the 80-win threshold since Alderson took over for Omar Minaya in 2010.

“When you have a guy that’s never achieved anything in his tenure as Mets GM, then Boomer and I are just going to come across like bullies,” Carton said. “And I don’t enjoy that role. So I have a choice. I can point out the obvious that Sandy Alderson, while a very nice man, a very respectful guy, a guy that served his country admirably, has never achieved jack squat here as the Met general manager — (but then) I’m the bad guy. So I’d rather let (Yankees GM) Brian Cashman engage us in a fun little war of the words, because then at least you’re playing on the same field.”

Carton went on to explain how Alderson has put him in such a “tough spot” — it’s the circle of life, basically.

“I’m picking on, you know, the feeble yak in the Serengeti that’s got no shot,” Carton said. “Here comes the lion — oh look, the yak’s got a club foot. He can’t run! He can’t get away! And then you start rooting for the yak, because that poor yak’s sitting there, like, ‘Don’t eat me, lion! I was born with a club foot! I can’t run! Please!’ And you’re sitting there watching, going, ‘Come on, yak! You can get away, yak! Somebody help the yak!’ And then the yak gets eaten and you’re like, ‘That son of a b—-. I’m going to Africa; I’m shooting that lion.’ Right?

“What did the lion do? The lion saw a club-footed yak, he’s hungry, so he did what lions do — he ate him. So if I do what we do and I have my way with Sandy Alderson, I’m the bad guy!”


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