NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mother’s Day arrives the second Sunday in May, and time is ticking for those scrambling to find a perfect gift.

CBS2’s Cindy Hsu went out Thursday to out what moms really want.

It was crunch time Thursday at Plant Shed New York Flowers, where Jay Casiano said the most popular flowers for mom are peonies and lilacs. But he said people this year are also looking for succulents for the home.

Casiano said they’re like a cactus without the pricklies — they need lots of sunlight and not much care. They only need to be watered every three or four weeks.

“They’re really fantastic,” Casiano said.

If your mom is a fragrance or makeup lover, look out for special Mother’s Day packages. B.J. Gillian from Ready to Wear showed CBS2 a trick to pick the perfect lip color for mom.

“If I pull her lip down like that, you can see that the undertone is the one in the middle,” he explained.

Just match the color and apply, Gillian said.

For jewelry lovers, Maressa Tosto Merwarth of Mari Tome Jewelry Design offered a personal twist.

“What I’ve done is that I’ve taken some of those things like buttons or lace, and turn them into actual jewelry, so you can turn them into a real heirloom that you’d like to pass along,” she said.

A retail group survey said moms really want gift cards, a spa day, and help with cleaning, cooking or taking care of the children.

The survey also found nearly 60 percent of moms would rather receive a sentimental gift from the heart than something expensive.

That includes anything home-made, or a mother’s journal where she can share her story.

Shannen Lyon has two little ones and a third on the way. She said her dream gift is “just nice words, nice thoughts from people, nice thoughts from the kids.”

Jeanne Widerka said she just wants well-behaved children.

And when someone asks, “Can you think about what’s cool about your mom?” the perfect gift would be to say, “Everything!”


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