NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new way for men to get ahead in the business world has some trying to keep their chin up. Literally.

As CBS2’s Maurice Dubois reported, study found that a more powerful profile may be the new key to success.

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New York plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell studied the profiles of Fortune 500 CEOs.

“They tended to have a stronger chin in at least 90 percent of cases,” he said.

He said his research showed that people consider a stronger chin to be consistent with authority and confidence.

“People want these companies to put a good face forward. They want the leading man look,” he explained.

Dr. Antell said executives from Bank of America, GR, Morgan Stanley and more all project a similar profile and were appointed to their jobs. Bill Gates on the other hand was not, but he wasn’t hired for his job, the other people were.

Financial executive Chip Oat had a chin implant to improve his profile.

“It just looked a little weak,” he said.

He said he won’t completely credit his new chin for his success, but added that it definitely didn’t hurt.

“I worked on Wall Street. The prettiest and most handsome don’t always succeed there, but it helps.

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Psychotherapist Diane Lang said it’s all about confidence.

“We look at those jawlines as strength, as confidence. It makes them look more manly. More masculine,” she said.

It’s that confidence, she said, that helps keep executives more motivated on the job.

“The jawline also makes men feel stronger,” she said.

Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank agreed.

“A strong jawline projects strength. It’s that superhero image that you see in the cartoons. It portrays confidence, it portrays virility,” he said.

Dr. Frank said men make up almost 40 percent of his cosmetic dermatology practice.

“A woman will come in wanting to look more beautiful, more youthful. For a man it’s more about a competitive edge. Something related to their work environment,” he explained.

By all accounts, having a look that says ‘youthful energy’ can translate into a boost to help get you ahead in business.

Doctors said chin implants and other procedures that help define the jaw are relatively simple, but generally not covered by insurance.

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