People either love him or hate him and Piers Morgan reveals why in a no-holds-barred conversation on All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett.

“I’ve always been a fairly polarizing character. I prefer it to being a saint. I’m deliberately provocative,’ Morgan told Hayzlett. “Brits tend to be very blunt.”

Especially on Fleet Street where he was schooled in “the rough and tumble battlefield” of British tabloids. “Hollywood is tough? It’s not even close to what I went through on Fleet Street,” Morgan said.

But American TV proved plenty tough when he took a stand on gun control, which he feels cost him his CNN job.

“One reasons is my accent. Here’s a British guy talking about an American cultural issue. That allowed the pro-gun lobby to position me as the new King George the Third”

Morgan tells Hayzlett of a new way to talk about the gun issue that he thinks all sides can agree on. He also reveals that his biggest career move may have been ordering a glass of brandy.

Listen to the entire unfiltered and uncensored conversation here:

Editor’s note: This episode of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett featuring Piers Morgan won the prestigious Communicator Award of Distinction (sliver prize) under the Audio: Podcast category. The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications, honoring work that transcends innovation and craft.


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