This installment of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett features a revealing interview with business magnate and “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran. The Corcoran Group founder revealed that because she couldn’t read or write until the fifth grade, she has struggled with lifelong feelings of inadequacy. Today, the hugely successful businesswoman channels those feelings into her work by being as prepared as she possibly can for any situation.

Corcoran noted that while “Shark Tank” looks like a non-stop dream-crushing party to the home audience, it’s actually a lot of work. When the show is in production, the sharks spend 10 hours a day listening to pitches.

Corcoran also named the three qualities that instantly end her interest in a perspective business partner: A lack of energy, an unprofessional wardrobe, and the absence of a personality trait that she describes as increasingly rare in the modern world.

Finally, Hayzlett got Corcoran open up about her famous quote: “In New York City, the meek don’t inherit the Earth.” Barbara said that while her mother has always been her inspiration, her advice to be a shrinking violet would have gotten her eaten alive in the New York City real estate game.

Listen to the entire, occasionally profane conversation here:

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