NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Delta Airlines passengers arrived at LaGuardia Airport on Thursday, after their original flight from Florida had to make an emergency landing elsewhere due to smoke in the cockpit.

It was a mid-air emergency as smoke filled the cabin of a flight from Ft. Lauderdale that was supposed to go to New York, CBS2’s Matt Kozar reported.

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Some of the 89 passengers onboard Delta Flight 2028 recorded video and snapped pictures of the panic.

One passenger tweeted an image caption, “scariest flight ever.”

Investigators said the pilot shutdown one of the jet’s two engines because of a mechanical failure.

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“They told everybody to put their heads down in their laps because the air is clearer down there,” Karen Hoxer said, “When we first took off, I noticed the plane wasn’t taking off the way it normally does.”

The pilots made an emergency landing in Charleston, South Carolina where passengers boarded a different aircraft bound for New York.

No one was hurt.

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Delta engineers were working to figure out what went wrong on the MD-88 aircraft. The FAA is also investigating. The MD-88 is the same type of plane that exited the runway at LaGuardia during a snowstorm in March.