By Shannon Carlin,

Before David Letterman officially retires—his final Late Show is next Wednesday, May 20—Adam Sandler wanted to stop by and dedicate a little song to the host with the most that describes exactly who Letterman will be after he’s no longer on TV: “the oldest dad at little league.”

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The song, which Sandler says he’s been writing since Letterman announced his retirement, was a hilarious and sweet tribute to the funny man that started with Sandler apologizing because he knew he was going to get emotional.

With his acoustic guitar, Sandler sang “There is no better man than good ol’ David Letterman/ No one gets Julia Roberts face redder than a flirty David Letterman.”

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The song continues with Sandler getting a little choked up as he sings, “If you like gap toothed men in double breasted suits he’s No. 1 on your Top Ten lists.”

According to Sandler, Letterman will use his free time to ignore phone calls and invite Jay Leno out to coffee so he can secretly pee in his cup, which got a good laugh from Letterman at his desk. 

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