This episode of @Sree Show with Sree Sreenivasan features a fascinating conversation with Dr. Kevin Tracey, the president and CEO of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, about the intersection of technology and medicine.

Dr. Tracey spoke about his institute’s research into the Vagus nerve and how it transmits a certain inflammatory molecule through the parasympathetic nervous system. He explained that his research may soon offer patients dealing with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, or most serious diseases like cancer, a brand new avenue of treatment option. But there are a few hurdles left to jump.

The good doctor also delved into the groundbreaking work being done in the emerging field of bio electric medicine. Dr. Tracey explained that by utilizing surgically implanted electronic devices, patients coping with serious illnesses will no longer need to depend on pharmacology to maintain their health. And that “we’re moving into an era where tech may replace some pharmaceutical drugs.” Dr. Tracey also opened up about how a formative personal tragedy that informed his passion to advancing medical technology.

Listen to the entire eye-opening interview here:

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