KINNELON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A mother bear was caught on camera raiding a refrigerator on a patio in New Jersey — and stealing hot sauce.

In the cell phone video, two curious cubs wait patiently for their mother as she raids the patio fridge in Kinnelon, New Jersey, CBS2’s Valerie Castro reported.

When the mother bear appears in the shot, she’s carrying a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce in her mouth.

“I love hot sauce,” said family friend Sean Nilsen. “Everybody loves hot sauce.”

Homeowner Joann Tirico said she’s seen the bears on the deck and the front porch. She says the bears have also stolen a cake from the fridge, broke a portion of the fence and have occasionally helped themselves to a swim in the family pool.

Tirico says having bears in the neighborhood is not unusual and she sees them on an almost daily basis — along with other wildlife.

“We’ve gotten used to it but we respect them as they respect, you know they come in and they’re looking for food and then they go away,” Tirico said.