NEW YORK (WFAN) — If you’re a fan of legendary WFAN host Mike Francesa, then you know all about “Mongo Nation.”

Mongo Nation is comprised of the biggest Francesa fans on the planet, and man, are they loyal. They have a massive social media presence and live and die with every word that comes out of Francesa’s mouth.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Francesa welcomed Mark Baldwin into his studio. You probably don’t know that name, but you more than likely know his Twitter handle, @markmongo.

Baldwin started off the segment by explaining to Francesa how the Mongo Nation term originated.

“I wasn’t a part of it back in the day, but it was apparently a term that was used to discuss callers,” Baldwin said. “It was mongos. ‘Oh, this caller is really being a mongo.’ We had a lot of those yesterday with all the trade proposals … It ended up becoming a term like, ‘Hey, we’re all a little bit crazy. We’re all a little bit silly.'”

The two discussed FrancesaCon — the event put on by fans that honors Mike — and it was confirmed that a third annual FrancesaCon will in fact take place.

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Baldwin said that, almost every day, he engages with fellow fans on Twitter during Francesa broadcasts.

“We riff on lines from the show,” Baldwin said. “Yesterday, with the trades thing, it was going insane because, Mike, six hours of trades. One crazier than the next.”

Baldwin, who’s been listening to WFAN for over 15 years, revealed that some of the more prominent members of Mongo Nation plan their vacations around Mike’s.

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“It’s amazing,” Francesa said. “Everywhere I go now, that’s all I hear about. I can’t go anywhere — an event, an outing — where I don’t bump into someone who has some connection to Mongo Nation … Now everyone knows it. Wherever I go, I meet people who are part of this thing.”