NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — The noxious smell of natural gas has been constantly wafting through a residential neighborhood.

“It makes you feel nauseated, I don’t know if anybody’s ever smelled natural gas, they put a chemical in it, and it kind of smells like rotten eggs,” Bayport homeowner, Gregory Shea told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

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Shea and his family keep their doors and windows closed, although they live just blocks from the beautiful bay in Bayport.

Across the street The Dowdys are hooked up to the same odorous gas main on Gillette Avenue.

Joggers and walkers, bikers and passing motorists passing by often call the Bayport Fire Department worried that something catastrophic could blow.

“If god forbid, something happens no way I can get three children out of the house, and three dogs all at the same time without warning,” Eileen Dowdy said.

National Grid has responded to the SOS calls for the past three years.

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Repairmen making house calls explained that only ‘trace amounts’ are leaking, which the Public Service Commission classifies as a ‘nuisance leak’ which is ‘not dangerous to the community.’

“Incredible to me they would call it a nuisance leak, and have up to five years. Certainly the homeowners don’t consider it a nuisance leak, it is a severe concern to us,” Dowdy said.

Neighbors banded together and said ‘enough’ and National Grid agreed to begin digging up the roadway to reach the leak.

“Hoping the utility is going to repair this fully, not just patch and repair, not just for me, it’s for the community at large,” Gregory Shea said.

National Grid said a permanent fix is just days away, and that they are waiting for a new part for the underground gas main.

National Grid and the Public Service Commission said utilities must first focus on leaks that are deemed dangerous in order to keep communities safe.

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