NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The deadline for a mystery lottery winner to collect the prize is looming.

As CBS2’s Valerie Castro reports, the winning ticket was sold at the Milky Way deli in Canarsie, Brooklyn nearly a year ago.

The prize is worth $7 million.

The mystery person bought a winning Cash 4 Life lottery ticket but still hasn’t claimed the winnings.

Canarsie resident Shawn Buchanan said he saw fliers posted in the neighborhood and hoped he might be the winner.

“Me personally, I wouldn’t even need $7 million, where I’m from all I would need is $250 thousand and I’m good,” Buchanan said. “I rushed home when I came home today and checked my ticket, it’s not my ticket.”

Many others in the neighborhood have wondered who the lucky lotto player could be — and some have their own theory.

“What I feel is that it is an old person who bought that ticket and just put it away or drop it some place and doesn’t remember,” said Canarsie resident Marie Jennty said.

Jennty said she knows she’s not the winner because she never plays the lottery.

“I have never ever taken a chance in life to play,” Jennty said.

The last day to claim the prize is Friday.

Buchanan said he knows the first think he’d do if he found himself $7 million richer.

“Well if it was my ticket, I wouldn’t be here right now, I would not be here right now, I’d be on the beach in Jamaica,” Buchanan said.

The winning numbers on the ticket are 5-20-35-43-48 and 3.

New York lottery officials say if you do find yourself holding the winning ticket, immediately sign your name on the back and call the state lottery.