NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A famous rapper from the Bronx had his car stolen from a parking garage in Manhattan.

As CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported, Grandmaster Flash posted a video on Instagram venting about his experience at a Chelsea parking garage.

“Went to Tech Serve on 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue, parked my car next door. Came back two hours later, homeboy told me he gave my car to somebody with no ID that looked like me. What!?!” he said in the online posting.

Flash, whose real name is Joseph Saddler, filed a police report saying the parking attendant handed the keys to his custom 2014 Dodge Charger to the wrong person and never asked to see a parking stub.

The worker apparently apologized, claiming he made a mistake.

“Somebody’s not doing their job….How do you give somebody a car without a stub?” said Nicole Washington, of Soundview, the Bronx.

On Saturday, the only worker at the garage would not go on camera, though he did say the employee in question has since been fired, Gold reported.

“That makes me leery. I’m definitely not going to park here ever,” Washington said.

“That’s never happened to me before. They do a good job,” said Matt Moravek.

Security experts say while it’s nearly impossible for you to prevent something like this from happening, you can still protect yourself.

If you park in a garage, experts say don’t keep your personal information in your car, including your registration.

And don’t leave your portable GPS behind. It can show your address in the history, telling a thief exactly where you live. Experts say if it’s a pre-installed GPS system, delete the history before exiting your car.

The parking garage supervisor would not comment on the case. He told CBS2 to get in touch with his lawyer, but refused to offer the attorney’s name.


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