BEDFORD HILLS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A thrift shop in an upscale Westchester neighborhood has become the target of thieves.

Police said a couple walked into a consignment shop full of security cameras and walked out with more than $24,000 worth of purses.

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported, there was 13 security cameras and five employees and still, the man and woman were slick enough to spend about 40 minutes grabbing expensive bags completely undetected.

And this may not be the first time the pair have done this.

Surveillance video shows the two in action on Wednesday. The man and woman walk in and start browsing, then you see the man look around and snatch a brown Chanel bag worth over $4,700. He then passes it off to his accomplice, who puts it under her dress into what appears to be Spanx, Gainer reported.

A customer even walks by.

Next up, a black Chanel bag worth nearly $5,000. Again, it goes under the woman’s dress.

The third theft was a nearly $10,000 blue Birkin bag. The woman is seen stuffing it in with the others.

The woman then grabs a Celine Python tote worth more than $4,200, and it’s off to the dressing room as the man engages the staff and even buys a few shirts, Gainer reported.

Both sidestep the sensor detector as the man chats one last time and they head out; with her waddling and then running with more than $24,000 worth of merchandise in her undergarments.

Another business owner said he saw the pair run into a black Honda with New Jersey license plates and drive off.

Undeterred by the cameras and signs pointing to the cameras, staff at the store said they believe the two were professionals.

“He was rather friendly, definitely tried to gain our trust, and he did a good job of it,” said manager of the Penny Pincher Boutique, Jessica Moran. “Two of us were in the back working in the office on computer things. We also have a lot of appointments come in throughout the day.”

“She was sociable. So was the man. Very charismatic, talked to them for a few minutes,” said employee Kori Malandrino.

Once the two left, the owner got a pit in her stomach. They shut down the store and figured it out, Gainer reported.

The store then called around to other consignment shops to warn them and learned this may be the same two that pulled a similar purse heist in July at a consignment store in Roslyn on Long Island.

Police said it’s early in the investigation, but they’re looking into whether or not there is a connection between the two shoplifting incidents as well as other consignment thefts up and down Long Island.



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