NEW YORK (WFAN) — There’s no other way to say it: The Giants collapsed this past Sunday night in their season opener against the division-rival Cowboys.

Brutal clock management and poor decisions late cost Big Blue an upset in Arlington, but Prince Amukamara is trying not to let the defeat get him and his teammates down.

Rather, the cornerback is trying to use the loss as a learning experience than can help the Giants as the season progresses.

The first step? Let it go and move on.

“We’re going by the term, ‘So what, now what?'” the 26-year-old told WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts during his weekly spot on Tuesday afternoon. “So we lost, now what do we do? I think if we keep that mentality and just keep moving on to the next game, I think we’ll be OK.

“But to be in a type of game like that this early in the season, and experience that, I think it’s great for our team. It’s encouraging and we can definitely build off of that.”

Quarterback Eli Manning revealed that he told running back Rashad Jennings not to score in the Giants’ final series on Sunday night, and Amukamara admitted that he was stunned by the decision.

“Yeah, yeah I was,” Amukamara told Joe & Evan. “I haven’t been able to ask him about that. I wasn’t in the huddle, I wasn’t in that conversation … I was pretty shocked, but I’m sure if he got told that, he got told that for a reason. And I’m sure it came from higher up, so you just have to trust the coaches there.”

The Giants will look for their first win against the Falcons at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.


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