NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — There is a new kind of ‘gotcha’ in one Westchester County town, intended to get drivers to stop speeding.

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer reported, Greenburgh is ready to take the new electronic speed signs to the road.

Typically electronic signs tell drivers their speed, these signs can do that, but authorities are hoping that listing the number of tickets will be a more effective deterrent.

“Do enforcement for a few days and after we do the enforcement, put the speed sign up telling the public how many tickets we’ve issued,” Greenburgh Police Chief, Chris McNerney said.

Zina Ricci lives along busy Fort Hill Road where the sign currently sits. She said with a school nearby, speeding is of particular concern.

“Mostly for children who walk home from school, may not be mine, but you see a lot of kids doing that,” she said.

The sign is equipped with flashing lights, and when a car speeds by it flashes a message.

“The number one municipal complaint is speeding,” Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said.

It’s Feiner’s brainchild and he’s been trying to make it happen for years.

“We’re gonna move the sign around every week to a different location in the town,” Feiner said.

One woman has already suggested that her street be next.

“They drive at 50 mph, if you look in front of my house there’s a 15, I’ve had two times where I’m driving out of the driveway and they like hit me,” Jyotsma Gaur said.

Anyone who wants to suggest a road in town can call police. They plan to analyze the impact of the new sign. The town supervisor said eventually the sign will go back on Fort Hill Road to see whether less tickets are issued.