BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A major break was anticipated Friday in this week’s dramatic abduction and escape of a Connecticut teenager on her way to school.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported, police said the owner of a Toyota that was located this week is about to be arrested in the attempted abduction of the 17-year-old girl this past Monday.

The girl’s escape was caught on surveillance camera, as she bolted from the moving vehicle on Boston Avenue in Bridgeport. Her classmates at Harding High School questioned her decision to get into the stranger’s car, but marveled at her escape.

“I think she was very, very bold and brave,” said Harding High School senior Demerius Bell.

“I say I’m proud of her for doing that,” said senior Kamaria Alston.

Police found the car Thursday in New Haven aided by tips, but also the unique body damage that was visible in the video.

“The vehicle is missing the rear bumper, and if you look at the rear of the vehicle, it was very distinct and unique,” said Bridgeport police Assistant Chief James Nardozzi.

That the suspect is a woman in her 40s is also somewhat unexpected. The victim told detectives the driver sexually assaulted her after offering a ride to school on a chilly morning.

“I don’t think that the gender or the sexual orientation of someone is relevant,” Nardozzi said. “All I see is this — I see a child and an adult and a report of a crime being committed against the child.”

Police told CBS2 the victim and suspect do not know each other, and that the woman has stopped talking to them and has hired a lawyer. They expect to finalize an arrest soon.

“Yes, I am happy that they caught her,” said high school parent Iris Colon. “I hope that she gets what she deserves now.”

Police said the suspect lives in New Haven, and they have no idea why she was in Bridgeport.