BUTLER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A Halloween display has created major controversy in Butler, New Jersey.

In lieu of the typical tombstones, ghosts and pumpkins, this display depicts blood, gore and ISIS terrorists. And as CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, some have called the display un-American.

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Many residents of Cleary Avenue in Butler were eager for Halloween as mid-October approached. Their windows were glowing orange with fake spider webs.

But one home on Cleary Avenue stood out with an extreme theme.

“It really created a huge uproar,” said Barbara Victor.

The display was too graphically violent for full display on air, but the first thing passersby notice is a machete-wielding mannequin inspired by the atrocities of ISIS.

Behind him is a hanging figure meant to be a US soldier, and in a cage, a tortured ISIS captive.

“I don’t support it,” one neighbor said. “I don’t think a lot of other neighbors do.”

The homeowner is Bill D’Catt. Carlin asked him if he was trying to freak out the neighborhood.

“We choose to be on the spookier side of Halloween,” D’Catt said. “You know what’s scarier than this thing? The real ISIS.”

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D’Catt emphasized that his display stood against ISIS.

“This is an anti-ISIS setup here. In no way is it meant to put down America in any sort of way,” D’Catt said.

When asked about a figure representing President Barack Obama that has since been removed, D’Catt said, “I think it was a momentary kind of, ‘Let’s put the mask on him,’ and then the mask came off.”

Some neighbors on the street said they like to see Halloween decorations — just not the ones D’Catt has put up. They prefer old-fashioned jack-o-lanterns and items they believe are more appropriate for families and won’t scare the kids.”

D’Catt put this display up on Sept. 11. After getting threats and losing some of the display items to thieves, he installed cameras.

“We didn’t mean to offend anybody.” D’Catt said.

But Victor said, “I thought this was an anti-American scene here.”

Some neighbors – including Victor – dropped by with advice, like putting up a pristine American flag and a big sign explaining his pro-American intentions. But others told him just to take it all down.

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After CBS2 left the home, the homeowner did just that — the display was removed. The homeowner told CBS2 he will likely bring it back for the day and night of Halloween only.