BRIDGEPORT, CONN. (CBSNewYork) — A woman charged with the alleged abduction of a teenage girl who later escaped from a moving car in Bridgeport, Connecticut now claims she was the victim.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported, 38-year-old Towanna Randall, of New Haven, told arresting detectives her teenage passenger took two or three dollars from the car’s center console after accepting a ride to school from the out-of-town stranger.

“I noticed that the money that I had in the change thing, whatever, was missing. So I grabber her hair,” Randall told police. “I grabbed her hair because I wanted my money back. That’s just a normal reaction.”

The teen, however, said Randall grabbed her breast, not her hair, and that she jumped when she realized she wasn’t being taken to her school.

Those who know the 17-year-old told Young that she’s still dealing with the shock of it all.

“The young girl’s doing fine now. That’s my son’s girlfriend. They both attend the school and he walks her home,” said Reynaldo Santiago.

The teen met briefly with Young near Harding High School and said she’s grateful her alleged abductor is behind bars.

Randall’s bail was set at $125,000 — more than the state requested. She has had a record of four previous felony convictions and 15 arrests, but nothing that offers an explanation for the alleged abduction.

“It started out pretty simple; “hey wouldn’t you like a nice ride to school’ and it turned into this,” said Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett.

Police said Randall has offered no explanation as to why she had driven to Bridgeport the morning of the incident, Young reported.

Randall is charged with unlawful restraint, sexual assault and reckless endangerment.