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As Daniel Murphy’s eighth-inning drive sailed over the Wrigley Field fence on Wednesday night, a few things happened. The Mets’ second baseman set a new record by hitting a home run in six consecutive postseason games, sewed up the NLCS Most Valuable Player award, and put an exclamation point on the Amazins’ four-game sweep of the Cubs.

But that wasn’t all he did.

Murphy’s record-setting home run also prompted OYO Sports executives in Acton, Massachusetts, to make a big decision. The next day, it was determined that Murphy would be added to the Mets’ World Series mini-figure collection.

“As soon as we saw what he had done in the game, we created the figure and sent it off for approval and we’ll be in production (Friday),” said Shari Fabiani, senior vice president of product and marketing for OYO Sports.

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The figures will soon be available at and readers are being treated to a special discount of 15 percent off of their entire online order by using the promo code “WFAN15.” Murphy is enjoying a storybook postseason with a .421 average, seven home runs, and 11 RBIs. He hit .529 in the NLCS to go along with four home runs in leading the Mets to their first World Series appearance since 2000.

“I can’t explain it,” Murphy said. “It’s such a blessing to be able to contribute to what we’ve been able to do. I really can’t explain it. It’s just a complete blessing. That’s the only way that I can describe it. I’m excited to be able to do something to help us win ballgames, but I can’t explain it.”

Daniel Murphy World Series mini-figure from OYO Sports (Photo: OYO Sports)

Daniel Murphy World Series mini-figure from OYO Sports (Photo: OYO Sports)

OYO mini-figures are the first building-block toys based off real major league players. The company introduced the figures at the 2011 World Series and they have quickly created a new mini-figure whenever there has been an historic occasion, trade, call-up, or a champion crowned.

Mets fans have been going gaga over what Murphy has been doing and now they have an opportunity to add a special souvenir to their “Amazin” collection.

“Of course, with New York being such an amazing market in all the great sports that are going on, it’s just really super-exciting,” Fabiani said. “Obviously, it’s a team effort to get to this place but looking at Daniel Murphy with the home runs in six straight games, it’s really an epic streak.”

As the Mets await their opponent in the World Series, Murphy and his teammates are still reveling in their quick disposal of the Cubs. A free agent after the season comes to an end, Murphy has picked a pretty good time to get hot. Not only is his value going up, but he’s also a big reason why the Mets are in position to win their first world championship since 1986.

Daniel Murphy World Series mini-figure from OYO Sports (Photo: OYO Sports)

Daniel Murphy World Series mini-figure from OYO Sports (Photo: OYO Sports)

“That is really exciting for me,” said Murphy. “To come into the playoffs, where runs are at a premium, again I can’t explain why the balls are going out of the ballpark but they don But we keep winning ballgames, which is the most important part and the coolest part.”

OYO is also showing love to some of the other National League champs with a collection of World Series Mets mini-figures, but Murphy has been the biggest story thanks to his new-found home run swing. The World Series edition is not the first time he’s had a mini-figure, but now he’s earned a bigger honor.

“We’ve made him before,” Fabiani said. “To have him and what’s he’s done during this playoff run is just incredible. He came out as a shining star.”

If Murphy continues to swing a hot back and the Mets can complete a fairytale postseason run with four more wins, there will certainly be an even more prestigious set of OYO’s on the horizon.

Perhaps Murphy and his teammates can find themselves on a ticker-tape parade edition of mini-figures.

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