NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Holiday season is coming, but buyers beware — seasonal spending also means its time to prepare for potential holiday scams.

And it’s already starting.

A scam email from Ikea is currently circulating. The email gives thanks to people for their order, then offers a link to the reciept. The email — and the link — is fake. The link provided is part of a phishing scam which, when clicked, typically gives hackers access to personal information like passwords or credit card numbers, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

“Most emails when you buy something from a store it’s actually personalized, so they have your information,” Robert Twitty, of Harlem, said. “Something like that I would just consider that as spam.”

This scam is among many to be landing in email inboxes or even phone texts during the holiday season as people are busy making online purchases, according to Claire Rosenzweig, of the Better Business Bureau.

“Use logic. Don’t react. Because that’s exactly what the scammers want you to do,” Rosenzweig said. “They’re counting on your curiousity. They’re counting on the fear factor, like ‘oh no what happened to my order.'”

The Better Business Bureau also advises to be aware of phone scams that typically target they elderly.

So the best advice as you rush through the holiday season — slow down and check out those ‘fishy’ emails.

Because chances are — they’re phishing.


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