POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Dutchess County woman says she found a pill inside a Snickers bar her daughter received while trick-or-treating.

Joann Turner, of Wappingers Falls, called the police around 3:40 p.m. Saturday after she claims she discovered the tainted candy. Her 13-year-old daughter had been trick-or-treating at The Galleria Mall in Pougkeepsie.

“I saw the package was open, and I opened it further and I realized it was slit horizontally,” Turner told CBS2’s Mark Morgan. “The slit was very perfect, it was either with a knife or a razor — I’m really not sure what they used.”

Turner wrote about the incident and included a photo on Facebook.

“Anybody who takes your kids tricker treating (sic) in the mall, please check their candy, we found a pill in my daughters candy,” she wrote. “I had to call the police. This was at the Poughkeepsie galleria.”

Town of Pougkeepsie police are now urging parents to check their own kids’ candy as a precaution. They are investigating the incident and testing the pill.

“I do wonder why would anyone do that to children,” Christine Dako-Macharry, of Wappingers Falls, said. “Let alone anybody.”

Turner told The Poughkeepsie Journal her daughter was looking through her candy when she found an open candy bar. The mother said the Snickers bar had been cut horizontally, and when she pulled it apart she found a pink pill with a “4” written on it.

The Galleria Mall said it is working with the police and its tenant stores to determine what happened.


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