NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Whoa, baby.

There was a close call for a baby in the Times Square subway station at around 7:45 p.m. Sunday evening.

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The infant’s grandmother was exiting the S train with her stroller when another passenger offered to help her cross the gap between the train and platform, police said.

(credit: Meg Baker/CBS2)

(credit: Meg Baker/CBS2)

While they were crossing the gap, the stroller accidentally tipped over and the infant plunged to the train’s roadbed, according to police.

Pamela Ferrell was still shaken up Monday, after watching her granddaughter Tabrina fall onto the tracks.

“All I seen was my grandbaby laying down. I’m not dealing with it. I’m trying my best,” she told CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Another Good Samaritan pulled the infant from the roadbed and onto the platform.

“And the baby fell onto the tracks and the guy ran down there and got my granddaughter. I lost my mind,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell said she was getting off the shuttle train at the Times Square station. She said the gap between the train and the platform was too wide to cross on her own, so a stranger tried to help her by grabbing the front wheels of the stroller.

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“He grabbed the stroller like this. And I had stuff on the bottom, and everything tilt over,” she said.

The stranger took off after little Tabrina fell through the gap plummeting about five feet onto the tracks, but Herman McGarrah was standing on the platform and jumped into action.

“I went to the fattest end of the train platform next to the train and I climbed down and crawled maybe three or four feet and I grabbed the baby. I yelled to them to make sure the train wasn’t going to move, and once they said the train wasn’t going to move I passed the baby up,” he said.

McGarrah risked it all to save the baby, who miraculously suffered only a bruise to her forehead, and was smiling on the platform just minutes later.

Ferrell said McGarrah never left her side, even after paramedics arrived. She said she is eternally grateful.

“Thank you so much. So much. I thank you so much, and may god be with him and his family,” she said.

The child was taken to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The baby is still in recovery.

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