NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Exactly one week ago, terrorists stormed restaurants, a stadium and a concert hall in Paris, killing more than 130 people and thrusting the global war on ISIS into the spotlight.

In the aftermath of the attacks and other terror attacks around the world in the last week, leaders in the Muslim world are denouncing the violence.

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CBS2’s Meg Baker sat down with a New York imam, who said the violence doesn’t represent the peaceful Muslim religion.

“They are not Muslims. They claim to be, but this is not teaching of our Islam. Islam condemns and forbids killing innocent life,” said Sheikh Saad Jalloh, with The Islamic Cultural Center of New York.

Imam Jalloh wants to set things straight.

“After the prayer service I talk to the congregation, tell them this type of action is not part of the teaching of Islam. Do not get confused with these guys. They are not Muslims,” he said. “This is not something representing Islam. It’s not in our name. We denounce it and we condemn it.”

Jalloh believes ISIS does not share his Muslim faith, even though it claims to be fighting for the so-called Islamic State.

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“Every group of people, every community has good people and have bad people,” he said.


Walking into the Islamic center on 96th Street and Third Avenue, Bibi Kohn said extremists have ruined the reputation of her religion.

“Islam is about love, not discrimination; always giving and caring for humanity,” she said.

Jalloh told Baker he’s frustrated with the media’s portrayal of Muslims and said there is a double standard: every time a Muslim commits a crime, the media connects it to Islam.

“If it is a Christian, they cannot say this is Christianity; if it is a Buddhist, they do not say Buddhism,” he said. (Baker: But do you think this is because extremists are using the faith, saying they are doing this in the name of that faith? Well, it might be.”

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Jalloh said the Islamic principles must be observed when considering taking in Syrian refugees. He said he escaped similar conditions in Sierra Leone and believes Syrian refugees should be accepted in the U.S., but with intense screening, Baker reported.