NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — One week after the Paris terror attacks Friday, New Yorkers said they were not about to be intimidated by the threat of terrorism.

As CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported, Hell’s Kitchen in some ways resembles the 10th and 11th arrondissements in Paris where the attacks happened on Friday, Nov. 13 – with al fresco diners and revelers enjoying the evening.

And on Friday night at places like Empanada Mama, at 763 Ninth Ave., diners were not afraid to sit by the windows.

“It’s New York. It’s sort of assumed that you know, when you’re here it is a threat,” said Sabih Saddiqi of Westhampton as he sat next to a floor-to-ceiling window. “But you can’t essentially succumb to fear.”

“I actually don’t have second thoughts. I continue living my life,” added Sara Al Mousawi of Boston as she dined with Saddiqi. “Terrorism happens all around the world, and you just have to be cautious at the end of the day.”

Across the street at Kahve Coffee, 774 Ninth Ave., some New Yorkers had no fears about sitting outside.

“I actually feel safe right now. I’m having coffee, and the sun is shining, and God is good,” said Ann Sterling Dale. “But you know, anything can happen at any given moment.”

Restaurateur Tommy Greco, who owns K Rico South American Steakhouse at 772 Ninth Ave., said he has not lost business.

But he said, “It definitely is a fear that is in everybody’s mind, we’re trying, you know, as New Yorkers, trying to not think about it.”

So many who spoke to CBS2 said they trust in the NYPD, which has 1,500 officers dedicated just to fighting terrorism.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton himself rode the subway Friday, he said because it was a gridlock alert day and the subway faster. But his confidence in riding the subway also certainly sent a message.

“I’d encourage people not to engage in that spreading of fear, that this idea of, ‘I heard this from this guy, I heard this from that cop,’” Bratton said. “That’s exactly what they’re looking to do is just engender more fear.”

Some defiant New Yorkers said they will not give in to threats.

“Terrorists are doing their jobs as far as putting fear into our lives. That’s what they’re trying to accomplish, and we’re not going to let that happen,” said Heidi Ocner of Jackson Heights, Queens.

In Brooklyn, Borough President Eric Adams said the NYPD will help with training through its Shield Program, WCBS-880’s Peter Haskell reported.

“We want to harden soft targets,” Borough President Eric Adams said, “They’re basic principles that could be used, that is applicable on a large venue as well as a small venue, and it’s for free.”

Brennan added that most of the time, when reporters and camera crews are doing live shots in the field, New Yorkers tend to ignore them. But lately, many more people have been coming up and asking what is going on.




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