BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim readies to take office yet again, five years after serving prison time on corruption charges.

An inauguration will be held for the returning mayor on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

For Ganim and his team, the overall feeling as they head back to office is that everyone deserves a second chance. Ganim was first elected in 1991 and served three terms as mayor before being convicted and sent to prison for corruption, WCBS 880’s Fran Schneidau reports.

Ganim was convicted of steering city contracts in exchange for wine, clothes, cash and home improvements. He spent seven years in prison before his release in 2010.

Ganim announced his plans for running for office earlier this year, and made a public apology to the people of Bridgeport for his past crimes. After winning reelection by an overwhelming margin, Ganim said he’s taking a new track going forward.

“I think it starts with a more sensitive administration and city government,” Ganim said. “A Bridgeport that works for everyone.

In one of his last political moves, outgoing Mayor Bill Finch reappointed Bridgeport police chief Joseph Gaudett to a new five-year term. It was a blow to Ganim, who had expected to name his own chief. Ganim is now looking into the legality of the appointment, but notes the potential high cost of buying out Gaudett’s contract.

“I think that, that eleventh-hour appointment certainly by the outgoing administration is at best disappointing and poor judgement,” Ganim said. ”

Ganim said that every newly-appointed leader deserves to choose their own team, and hopes for a positive change.


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