NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — We may have overeaten at Thanksgiving, but there is still time to make the holidays a healthy one.

Barbara Rich from Natural Gourmet Institute stopped by the CBS2 studios to show how to make some seasonal favorites healthy.

“The idea is at the holidays people tend to automatically say, ‘It’s time to indulge.’ And for me and us at the school, the idea is to always try to have balance so that, even though it’s the holidays, you’re still thinking along the lines that you do the rest of the year.”

To watch the full segment with Rich, click on the video player above.

Jen Ross of Be Mixed also stopped CBS2 to offer up some suggestions on making healthier holiday cocktails.

“Be Mixed is a line of all natural and zero-calorie cocktail mixers,” Ross explained. “We started because we were sick of drinking vodka sodas. But really, I’m also Type 1 diabetic, so I really know how hard it is to find a great cocktail with all of the sugar and calories.”

To watch the full segment with Ross, click on the video below.

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