NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hollywood is taking over one Brooklyn neighborhood, limiting walking and parking for residents.

Television shoots, including Marvel’s Netflix series “Daredevil” and “Luke Cage,” two HBO shows, and CBS’ “The Good Wife,” have filled the streets of Greenpoint with trucks and equipment, making parking nearly impossible for residents.

Many in the community say it’s getting out of hand.

One man who lives on Milton Street off Manhattan Avenue said he’ll come home to find his street blocked off at least once a month.

“I’ve seen my block in movies a lot of times, but as a resident, it really has no benefit to me,” the man told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “You’re working all day and you come home and you have to drive around for 20 minutes to a half an hour to find a spot, and then you’re parking five blocks away. It’s tough.”

“Parking is just absolutely horrible on those days,” resident Lucy Collins told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond. “It’s happening a lot.”

Other residents don’t seem to mind the extra activity.

“It is kind of fun actually,” resident Rebecca Jones said. “I live on Manhattan and Kent, they did the ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ show, and it was right in front of there so it is kind of fun sometimes.”

State Assemblyman Joe Lentol is proposing legislation to create more no-film zones in Greenpoint to give residents a break. In the zones, directors are prohibited from filming twice in one area in a six-month period.

“I would definitely welcome that,” the Milton Street resident said.

Film-free areas would include McGuinness Boulevard to West and Kent streets, and near Manhattan, Kingsland and Driggs avenues.


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