PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The stress of the holidays is pouring out into the parking lots — with fights breaking out over spaces, and deliverymen breaking down.

One UPS deliveryman in Hawaii was caught on camera throwing box after box onto the street. The person who caught the tantrum on video said the driver got frustrated when he couldn’t maneuver his truck, CBS2’s Jessica Schneider reported.

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According to police, Kenia Nicolas-King, 48, hit a teen in the head with a metal pipe after the teen swooped in to taken a parking spot at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus.

Nicolas-King’s mugshot shows her with a black eye. Her husband declined to comment on the incident, but insisted that the teen threw a punch first.

People who shop at the local mall say parking is just one of the many pressures.

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“Angry shoppers trying to get what they need,” Chris Aliaga, of Hackensack, said. “And a parking space.”

If you’re trying to avoid that parking lot rage, try something a little different. Instead of driving straight into a spot, back in, so you can drive away worry-free.

“Seventy-five percent of Americans don’t park that way,” said AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair. “They pull into a space and then back out and that leads to a lot of problems, especially with so many vehicles in parking lots at the holidays.”

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It’s a simple trick to avoid the back-up that can keep a lot of hurried shoppers waiting.