NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Take them back!

That’s the feeling of some people who snatched up wildly popular hoverboards for the holidays but now have buyer’s remorse after seeing new videos of serious spills and flaming batteries.

Ida Iorio of Annadale, Staten Island, says she bought one of the devices for her grandson as a Christmas gift and it caught fire in his bedroom Sunday night, damaging the floor and walls.

“I think everyone who has one should return it,” she told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Iorio said she bought a Swagway board for the full price of $400, making it a point not to buy a cheaper, presumably inferior knockoff.

CBS2 reached out to Swagway, but has not heard back.

Concerns over safety and confusion over recalls have some people wondering whether to buy or not to buy, a battle that can pit parents against kids and even spouse against spouse.

“Christmastime, everybody gives in,” said parent Pat Santos.

“People wanted to give kids fun things, of course,” said Ismael Bruno, of Midtown. “But if there’s any danger aspect in it, I’m sure you want to question it.”

In the coming months, New York’s state Legislature will debate legalizing the now-banned hoverboards.

The logic of doing it was outlined last week in a news conference in which state Sen. Jose Peralta, D-Queens, said people will ride them anyway so the devices should be allowed, but under very strict regulations.

“Continued incidents of malfunctioning hoverboards are a perfect example of why regulations are needed, including fines against the manufacturers and retailers who distribute devices of poor quality,” Peralta said in a statement.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating 28 reports of hoverboard fires. Users are warned to never charge the boards while they’re not around or while they’re sleeping.


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