NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A sinkhole was still causing big problems Friday for a Staten Island homeowner.

On Friday, CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock demanded answers for the homeowner, who said the responsible party just won’t own up.

“I don’t know where to turn, everyone is saying it’s not my responsibility,” Morris Indig said.

Indig has a sinkhole swallowing his backyard. He said he called his councilman, the borough president, and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, but no one wants to step in and help.

Indig first noticed cracks in his walkway over the summer. About three weeks ago the earth moved and a 17-foot sinkhole formed.

He’s worried that the integrity of his home hangs in the balance, and said something has to be done soon to stop the perpetually running water.

“My house is my biggest concern at this point,” he said.

Massive slabs of concrete are shifting and more earth keeps getting carried away. He’s convinced the source of the water is a busted DEP pipe dedicated to carrying overflow from nearby Brady’s Pond, to the Cameron Lake, just below his home. It’s all part of the Blue Belt watersheds.

“This is the result of their negligence,” he said.

He said the DEP’s own Mid-Island Bluebelt Drainage plans are proof that they are responsible.

Alfred Valente, President of the Cameron Club, pointed him to the documents.

“It’s right there on the document. We didn’t draw that,” Valente said. “Here’s the existing pipe which you see going through Morris’ property.”

He said the DEP had a plan to replace it, but didn’t follow through.

Indig said the documentation specifies in text the poor condition of the pipe.

“Replace the current outlet that is a deteriorated, partially submerged pipe extending across private property,” he read.

CBS2 reached out to the DEP on Friday, and sent them copies of the documentation.

“DEP has told the homeowner on numerous occasions that it does not own, operate, or maintain the pipe that runs through this backyard,” a DEP spokesperson said in response.

Despite the documents, the stalemate continues.


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