MANHASSET, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A new study finds that women who have trouble sleeping at night are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

According to researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, 46 percent of women have insomnia, which plays a role in women developing diabetes. It can also lead women to suffer from heart, kidney and eye disease.

“Lack of sleep can also lead to hypertension, difficulty losing weight, and depression, besides the type 2 diabetes,” Dr. Isaela Romao of Northwell Health Systems told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

CBS2 spoke to two mothers who are secretaries in Great Neck. Bibi Sadick and Patreece Pinckney are worried that their sleep deprivation could lead to something more serious.

“I find it difficult to fall asleep because you are trying to put the day to bed, make sure you accomplished everything you needed to at end of day, and also now worrying about tomorrow,” Sadick said.

Pinckney added, “You get home, got homework, got to make dinner, get them up in the morning and in between, when you’re trying to sleep, it feels like by midnight I’m still wide awake.”

Dr. Romao tells her patients that if they have insomnia, frequent snoring, sleep anpea, are sleeping fewer than six hours a night, and rotating shift work that they must change their sleeping habits.

Dr. Romao suggests not falling asleep with the television and computer on; not reading, eating or texting in bed; and making sure that priority number one is getting eight hours of quiet sleep.


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