PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A video shared on social media has led to a criminal investigation in Paterson, New Jersey.

As CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported, the video shows a man punching another man on the street, seemingly for no reason.

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The video is hard to watch. A young man walks up to a shorter man standing at a crosswalk as someone out of view says, “Go hit him! Go hit him!”

“I’ll knock him over, just knock him over,” the young man is heard saying.

“Knock him out, knock him out,” someone says out of view.

The young man then sucker punches the other man in the face, sending him falling to the ground as someone out of view laughs.

Everyone whom CBS2 showed the video to was appalled.

“Oh my God – is that a kid?” said Daisy Urena of Paterson.

“Oh my God, that is ridiculous. That is awful,” said Joe Vanhassel of Bergen County.

“To do something like that — that’s not right,” another man said.

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Paterson police Director Jerry Speziale released a statement on Facebook Friday. He said police have seen the assault and are investigating.

“We will take swift and decisive action, as we will not tolerate that type of behavior or action in our city,” Speziale said.

People who saw the video did not understand why someone would do such a thing.

“These kids are so ridiculous — like why? What’s the point of that?” Urena said. “He doesn’t even know the trouble he just got himself into. These kids are terrible.”

Vanhassel, a counselor, has some advice for kids when it comes to such disturbing videos.

“They have to respect other people, because it’s something they wouldn’t want happen to them,” Vanhassel said. “And we’re losing that today. We need to have more respect.”

The Paterson Police Department would not comment to CBS2, but said on Facebook that it will update the public.

Police have not identified the victim in the crime.

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