CARROLL GARDENS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — An odd sign has the residents on a Carroll Gardens block very confused.

CBS2’s Meg Baker reports that a stop sign was put in the middle of the street between Hoyt and Bond on Carroll Street.

“No one expects a stop sign in the middle of the block,” resident Alex Konyk told CBS2.

Motorists are speeding through the stop sign because no one is noticing a stop sign in the middle of the block.

“Sometimes people stop and sometimes they don’t. Evidently, because it’s not on a corner, it’s in the middle of the street,” resident Sarah Perrill told CBS2. “I don’t know the purpose. What is the purpose of having a stop sign in the middle of the street?”

The city’s Department of Transportation told CBS2 said the sign was put for pedestrians’ safety. Construction is blocking the north sidewalk and a middle-block stop sign was the best safety measure for an active work zone.

Some residents welcomed the extra safety measure, but others are concerned about it because the sign is barely painted.

“If there is a big truck, you can’t even see it,” Mohammad Shiekh said.

The stop sign will be removed when the construction project is complete. It is not known yet when that will happen.


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