NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hugh Hefner’s son has no idea “what the hell” Playboy is doing anymore.

Speaking to Business Insider, 24-year-old Cooper Hefner said he has “taken a massive step back” with his father’s company, thanks in part to his differences with CEO Scott Flanders.

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“I was essentially asked to no longer participate in the board meetings, because I didn’t agree with his vision for the company,” the young Hefner said. “You know, you either sort of take a step back and say, ‘Okay, I’m gonna let this happen,’ or you try and do something about it and I’m certainly trying to do something about it.”

Hefner revealed he was against Playboy’s decision going non-nude for the first time in its 62-year history.

“I was in the board room when the conversation was being had about whether we should go non-nude with the magazine as well as the company, and I didn’t agree with the decision because I felt as though Millennials and Gen-Y didn’t view nudity as the issue,” he explained to Business Insider. “The issue was the way in which the nudity and the girls were portrayed.”

He continued, “There’s nothing that I want more than for the company to be successful. And when you have  a company – and the founder is responsible for kickstarting the sexual revolution – and then you pluck out that aspect of the company’s DNA by removing the nudity, it makes a lot of people, including me, sit and say, ‘What the hell is the company doing?’”

Last week, Playboy offered a glimpse of the new cover, showing model Sarah McDaniel posing in a bikini with a Snapchat-type message.

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Hefner also told Business Insider that he did not understand the logic behind putting the Playboy Mansion up for sale.

“I understand the financial logic of wanting cash available, and having that to invest in other aspects of the company. But you have to understand that my point of view is very different than some of our board members and leadership in the sense that my concern is making sure that there is a company people care about in 15 years,” he said. “That always doesn’t make sense when you’re looking at financials and the challenge is that Playboy, specifically the mansion, it is really one of the most famous residences in the world and it really represents the brand and to take that asset away from the company is really devastating.”

The mansion was put up for sale last month at the hefty price of $200 million. There is one caveat, however, that Hugh Hefner continue to live in the home until he dies.

Cooper Hefner feels that he has been “pushed out” of his father’s business in some capacity.

“I am currently participating in very little to no capacity at a creative or executive level due to the difference in vision for the company that our current CEO has and I do,” he told Business Insider.

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Cooper Hefner is currently the chief creative officer of Hop.