RYE BROOK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A new study reveals tens of millions of Americans don’t ditch their credit card.

CBS2’s Lou Young reports that a survey conducted by CreditCards.com estimated that 45 million people have a long-term relationship with one primary credit card, and nearly half have never changed cards.

Despite cashback and discount opportunities that are out there from different credit card companies, Americans are seemingly staying put.

“These rewards that are out there are the best that we’ve seen in the credit card industry ever,” Matt Schultz of CreditCards.com told CBS2.

However, CBS2 did find some people who take advantage of these benefits.

“Cash back is always a good thing to look into,” Chris Vuotto of Tarrytown said.

Mel Silverman of Baldwin said he uses credit cards for hotel points.

“Getting Marriot points, my wife and I take a lot of trips, and the Capital One, I get cash rebates. I got one yesterday for $62,” Silverman told CBS2.

Vincent Parrillo of Mahopac likes seeing the cash back.

“We get a lot of checks back , $25 dollars, $50. Comes in handy, but I stay loyal to them. I usually don’t switch if you’re getting a better rate,” he told CBS2. “Thank God we’re able to pay off the credit card bills and we don’t have to pay any charges.”

Experts say regardless of the benefits, the best way to prevent a credit card from becoming a liability is to pay off the balance.


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