NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– Imagined lives of ordinary people in extraordinary times form the basis of a play for Black History Month.

Africans arrived in New Amsterdam and old New York on ships and were then bought and sold at the slave market at Wall and Water streets. When they died, slaves or free, they were buried at the African Burial Ground.

Playwright Judy Tate and other black writers created a work called “Unheard Voices” with a message of strength and resiliency.

“We loved anyway, in spite of all the horror, and the repression, and the villainy, and the violence perpetrated against our people, we loved. And if we hadn’t, we, you and I, would not be here today,” Tate told WCBS 880’s Jane Tillman Irving.

Read more about the play and other Black History Month stories here.



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