NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This year’s New York Toy Fair showed off a number of new items sure to bring out the kid in all of us.

CBS2’s Alex Denis had a chance to test out some of this year’s newest toys that are slated to be popular for months to come.

High-tech gadgets are on the rise, with features that allow users to sync their toys to their smartphones for a more enhanced gaming experience.

The Sky Viper Hover Racer, retailed at $99, allows users to control a drone by attaching their smartphone to a controller.

“This is where video games meet drone play,” Trae Bodge, a trend expert, said. “So, kids can race, they can challenge each other with beacons. They follow a path — it’s amazing.”

For younger kids, there’s Edwin — a twist on the classic rubber ducky. Users can connect Edwin to their bluetooth to play soothing sounds and music, even in the bath. The waterproof toy, selling for $99, can also test surrounding water temperature.

Now everyone can do traffic and weather, thanks to Stickbot Studio Pro, and a little help from a green screen.

“It allows kids to make stop motion videos on their phones with the app,” Bodge said. “And the new studio pro version has green screen and blue screen technology so kids can insert premade backgrounds or even their own.”

Another popular change: dolls that reflect real women. Mattel recently updated Barbie’s look, unveiling a new line of dolls that feature several new choices.

“She has multiple skin types, she has multiple body types,” Bodge said.

The traditional Madame Alexander brand is showcasing dolls with major career aspirations, like race car drivers and even the president.

Then, there’s toys that allow kids to design and create beyond their wildest dreams, like improved remote controlled train sets, selling for around $100.

“The kids can build the track until their hearts desire,” Bodge said. “They can create absolutely any type of track that they want.”

Even Monopoly is getting an upgrade. Instead of paper money, players will have debit cards, with the banker replaced by an ATM.

The new toys should hit store shelves in the fall.