NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is teaming up with law enforcement in Colorado to go after robbers targeting fur stores.

As CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported, the NYPD and police departments in four Colorado cities are on the hunt for the fur thieves.

Surveillance cameras have captured a man and woman on their alleged crime spree that started last October.

Their tactic: she distracts the salesperson while he rolls up his coat and puts the merchandise under his clothing, Gold reported.

Investigators said they’re link to at least six incidents in Midtown alone.

“(Gold: How angry does this make you?) It’s not angry, it’s about insecurity in the shop that every customer in the shop is going to steal something,” said Avi Benayoun, owner of Rafless on West 57th Street.

Benayoun said members of the suspected theft ring stole two fur coats in December — a $40,000 loss.

Surveillance video shows the same man and woman returned to the business, scouting out a place on Feb. 5.

“They come to my store; they try but we don’t let them do it because we watching them,” Benayoun said.

Benayoun said he recently spoke with the owner of a high-end store in Denver called Max, who reached out after he was allegedly victimized by the same man and woman.

Cameras there recorded them in his store earlier this month, Gold reported. The owner said they stole $20,000 worth of merchandise.

“These are not small-time shoplifters,” said Scott Seale, co-owner of Max. “We believe they have the goods stashed away or they’ve shipped them out already.”

Police in Colorado are also investigating similar crimes in Vail, Aspen and Boulder last week, and said they believe the same people are responsible.

The fur store owners said the thieves have thick accents and could possibly be from eastern Europe, Gold reported.

One of the owners of the Fur Source in Manhattan said she’s been in touch with investigators who said the suspects could be living in Queens.