NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was caught on a hot microphone asking MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during a commercial break at a town hall why New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would endorse Donald Trump.

In the video posted by The Washington Post, Clinton asked about Christie, “Why did he support him?”

“They all want a future. Christie’s not going to beat Cory Booker,” Matthews said, referencing the Democratic senator from New Jersey. “Cory Booker’s not going anywhere.”

Clinton wondered if Christie had “a debt or something.”

Matthews told the former secretary of state that he doesn’t believe New Jersey would elect Christie as senator.

“I don’t think he would win right now,” Clinton said.

Christie was roundly criticized, even by some Republican New Jersey lawmakers, for backing Trump.

Clinton was heard asking Matthews why Trump gets so much coverage.

“Man, you guys can’t stop covering him. He is a dangerous presence,” Clinton said about Trump. “It’s just like candy by the bushel.”

Matthews responded, “We dip into them, we dip out of them, and we have a progressive audience. Nobody can tell what works, what people want to watch.”

Matthews added that people “can laugh” at Trump.

The MSNBC personality also revealed that he and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson were in the same travel group and went to Cape Town, South Africa, and Honolulu, Hawaii, together.

“He was very soft-spoken, never said a thing,” Matthews said, stating that the former pediatric neurosurgeon has a Tommy Smothers kind of voice.

The audio cuts out after Matthews asked Clinton if she watched the series finale of “Downton Abbey.”


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