NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Should parents be allowed to bring their kids to work?

That’s the question being posed after Adam LaRoche of the Chicago White Sox decided to step away from the game when he was told his 14-year-old son Drake shouldn’t be in the team’s clubhouse every day.

The issue has seemingly brought discord among the team and some players reportedly threatened not to play in Thursday’s spring training game in protest.

Executive Vice President Ken Williams said the decision not to allow Drake into the clubhouse every day had nothing to do with the teen’s behavior or complaints from teammates, just that “it was time” to cut back how often he was around.

CBS2’s Dave Carlin spoke to workplace expert Stephen Viscusi who said children belong in school, at home, or in a park, but not in a workplace, especially not on a regular basis.

“Most colleagues are too polite to say they don’t want your kid at work, so let me say it for them – they don’t want your kid at work,” Viscusi said.

Viscusi said children should only be allowed in the workplace once a year when it’s “bring your kid to work day.”

“Big workplaces provide childcare right at work and that’s fine. That’s different than having a child at the desk and annoy your colleagues,” Viscusi explained.

However, Lisa Roman sees no downside to her 9-year-old daughter regularly going to an office with her dad, calling it a learning experience for her.

“I think it’s a breath of fresh air,” Roman told CBS2.

LaRoche signed a two-year, $26 million contract with the White Sox last year.


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